NEW MESH TIME (AGAIN)!  Two variations on a Teen yoga mesh.

"Teen Yoga" comes in Teen sizes only & is basically the just BG pajamas mesh with the sleeves cut off.  All 3 morphs are enabled & working (InTeen compatible).  The first recolor set is 8 barefoot yoga pants outfits made from various Uni pajama textures & has Simlish words written across the ass, because that seems to be a thing that girls do?  Set as Athletic only.  The second recolor set is 8 denim capris using the texture from the BG cowboy jeans & a mashup of multiple other EAxis textures & alphas for the flats & the blouse.  Set as Casual only.

Download EAxis size HERE

Additionally it’s been converted into the other 7 Bodyshape sizes I use (Faerie Girl, Fashion Model, Fitchick, Rio Girl, Classic Pinup, Voluptuous, & Renaissance Girl) with all 3 morphs.

Download Bodyshape sizes HERE

Everything is foldered & labelled clearly.  Meshes are included.


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