& moved in!

Little Warlock & Fatty aren’t the cleanest of people, & their new house feels a little cramped with Accident around (in fact, I had to extend the building over the garage a bit to fit everything in!)  They can’t wait for their only child to move to college but both agree that the smaller new house is going to be easier to maintain than the old monstrosity.  Fatty expressed a slight regret that they never had another baby to help them utilize some of the huge empty spaces in their old house, but both agree that one child is enough.

Little Warlock is happy that he has a warm & inviting personal space for his magic studies & Fatty now has her very own art studio to mess around with.  Accident knows he won’t be here for long but hey, at least the kitchen is better & the bench in the dining room will be perfect for snuggling with his girlfriend & a candlelit homemade meal.

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