So there is a definite non-zero possibility that this will be a thing.  Still looks college-ish, way more covered up than the original, & I think I’d rather have every female Dormie wearing this than… really any of the defaults I could find for it, or the original one-shouldered atrocity.

I’m not 100% sure about the sandals.  On one hand, the sandals kind of look like Dormie grabbed whatever was closest on her way out the door.  On the other hand, I hate the original sandals, I overuse painted-on blockfeet & Converse & boots, & I don’t think heels or wedges would go well with this outfit.  I’m okay with this shoe choice but would welcome any suggestions.

Mandatory question mark here: ?

My attention span is dead

Switched over to CC-making temporarily, will post what I’m doing when I’m done.  Find my previous CC in my “creations” tag.

<3  Someone, anyone, send me a pic of my CC in your game so I know it’s not all pointless?

I would like to ask u if you would share Fruitville Village lot at Twikkii Island for sims 2

I used quite a bit of CC in that lot; more than I would feel comfortable sharing.  Sorry.  The next time I boot the game I’ll take layout pics for you so that you can remake it in your own style, though!

Fruitville Village lot at Twikkii Island.

I wanted someplace nice that wasn’t over-the-top tropical-themed… you know, like a place for the locals to go.  It still has some touristy features because the town makes most of their money from tourists (& living in a tourist town myself, can confirm this is a real thing).  So this lot changed quite a bit from its original EAxis form & got semi-hidden in tropical jungle to make it sliiightly harder for the tourists to find.

Also I took out the pineapple stand because I kind of feel like it’s more of a tourist gimmick than a representation of real Twikkii culture.

"Ancient Ruins of Numchuck" I believe this lot is called in-game… didn’t change too much from the EAxis version, but it’s actually quite nice once I plantspammed the unpaved areas.

Selfie Sunday.

I’m 1 pair of triangle earrings away from being the entire 90s.

Here’s Whitesand Hot Springs after a makeover.  It got a proper restaurant (with a podium & everything!) & other stuff, mostly that bar.

What’s the use of an island vacation if you can’t get filthy drunk, right?

Twikki Island - Potterhouse Bungalows makeover.

Cabins are pretty basic except now there’s 4 of them instead of 3, so I didn’t take pics of the insides.  I took the teal/yellow color scheme of one of them originally had & copied it into the others.

Because I can&#8217;t work on vacation subhood makeovers 24/7, have a pic of my dinner.
Eggplant, yellow&amp;green zucchini, diced red&amp;yellow bell pepper, green onions, &amp; diced tomatoes.  Baked in lactose-free cheese.  With a side of sourdough garlic toast.

Because I can’t work on vacation subhood makeovers 24/7, have a pic of my dinner.

Eggplant, yellow&green zucchini, diced red&yellow bell pepper, green onions, & diced tomatoes.  Baked in lactose-free cheese.  With a side of sourdough garlic toast.

One night, while channel-surfing between an infomercial for the Frugal Fruitlover’s Friend & an infomercial for the Noodlesoother, Darwin suddenly wonders what he’s doing.

Darwin: I’m wasting my life waiting for good things to happen, aren’t I?
I don’t know, buddy.  Sometimes good things happen to Sims just because.  Do you feel like you’re wasting your life?
Darwin: Yeah… I kind of do.

Well then, you ought to change it.  Go do something amazing.
Darwin: Like what?  It’s too late for college, too early for a wife & kids, & it’s doubtful that there will be an opening for a Mad Scientist in Simtown before I die.  Everything I could do has been done already.
Not EVERYTHING everything.  You could always commit your life to travelling.

Heard you loud & clear, buddy.  Get packed & I’m gonna go start adding some vacation Nhoods.

But it’s not that Darwin doesn’t have friends.  He has plenty.  He even has a girlfriend, Amber Dawn.  She’s in college now but in a couple Simyears she’ll move in with him.

Or maybe she won’t, after all.  She has a lot of new friends now; maybe she’ll go with one of them.  He likes some of them, & one even happens to be his new neighbor, but others he’s not too fond of.  She still comes around, though, & Darwin isn’t the jealous type.

Darwin does, however, feel pretty left out when his friends get together, even when he’s the one hosting the gathering.  Of the friends who are not related to him, almost all of them are in college, which wasn’t something that he got to experience.  As a Knowledge Sim, that really sucked for him.

Townie Hatboy: Hey man, are you alright?
Darwin:  Would I be repeatedly hanging out with the guy who banged my little sister if I was alright?

Townie Hatboy: Point taken.  I think you need some friends, dude.  Like, other friends.  Friends that aren’t me.
Darwin: Are we not friends?
Townie Hatboy: Nah, we are, I’m just getting creeped out that all my girlfriend’s male relatives are witches.  Don’t want one of you folks to turn me into a frog or something, think I’m gonna lay low for a bit.
Darwin: Warlocks.  Witch is the feminine term.  & Dane isn’t a warlock.
Townie Hatboy: Yeah, Dane scares me more than all the rest of you combined.  I’m gonna head out though, man.  See ya around.

Darwin actually has a pretty decent job.  He works at his uncle’s occult shop.  He mostly does things like restock & work the drive-thru, though.  He wishes he got more responsibility.

Little Warlock: Hey kiddo, been looking for you…
Darwin: Is this about my strawberry lemonade potions?  I could make some for the shop!
Little Warlock:  Um… no.  We’re actually not that busy tonight, I was going to ask you if you wanted to head out early?

Darwin:  Oh… sure!  See you tomorrow!
He tries to keep a good attitude to show how mature & responsible he is; even though he’s the only employee at the shop he wishes his Uncle Warlock would promote him to management.

Darwin owns a nice townhouse in the supernatural section of town, just across the street from his uncle’s place & a block away from his dad’s house.

By all accounts, he’s doing really well for himself.

But he can’t shake the feeling that he’s just dragging through life.